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Based out of San Francisco, USA, Planet of the Kids is an organization founded by Alex and Michelle Sahai, who have worked to create a network for teenaged entrepreneurs to connect, learn, and share experiences regarding their social and business ventures.


Alex is currently a 12th grader who has been engaged in the area of entrepreneurship for more than 3 years. His inspiration for this project came from a middle school class titled "Introduction to Entrepreneurship," in which he created a business model and presented to several Silcon Valley VCs at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. Since then, he has gone on to intern at Foundation CapitalAltos Ventures, Feeding10Billion, and Who Cares? the film (a documentary about social entrepreneurship). Within his school he has founded Social Entrepreneurship Club and Day-Trading Club. Alex also serves as the school Treasurer (previously serving as Vice-President). Alex's passions include soccer, mechanical engineering, business, Model United Nations and finance.


Michelle is a 10th grader who took the same entrepreneurship class as Alex, and created a conceptual social venture that created wheelchairs for kids with cerebral palsy and spread awareness about the disease. This sparked her interest in the field as well as a fascination in the impact kids can have on the world. Through the class and events with the Stanford Design School and affiliates, Michelle has been able to develop her interests and gain confidence as a budding entrepreneur. Some of her passions include: soccer, volleyball, neuroscience, psychology and art.  


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