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Resources to Help the Teenage Entrepreneur

We have found or created many different resources to help you in your entrepreneurial ventures

In the introduction section, we provide a general introduction to the core concepts of Entrepreneurship and how to go about starting businesses! We have curated many web articles that we have deemed relevant and useful, we hope that you find them useful as well!

The guides section provides a general framework for various parts of being an entrepreneur, including funding, networking, business modeling and more!

One of the easiest sectors for teenagers to get into is Tech! With all of the free educational tools available online now, a connection to the internet and a determined individual can learn any number of things! The value of programming is rising and we hope to connect you to resources to enable you to grow as a Technologically advanced entrepreneur!

In the internet media age, news is plentiful and valuable. We have found some news sources that will enable you to understand the current market and seek out opprtunities and trends!

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