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Amazing Launch at the Innovation Academy in Peru!

Today marked the first of many Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshops hosted by Planet of the Kids! Our first trip was to Peru, where we spoke to students of the Innovation Academy at the American School in Peru. The Roosevelt Innovation Academy is a rigorous, hands-on business & entrepreneurship program that empowers students to lead real-world projects that serve their community. The Innovation Academy is filled with brilliant students who are looking to make a real difference in the lives of many!

We presented about Business Models and the Design Thinking Process and had several discussions about how to share the tools of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to communities around the world. The IA students were super engaging and have some terrific projects they are working on that affect innovation, social entrepreneurship and much more.

We thank Mr. Topf and the Innovation Academy team for allowing us to present and collaborating with us, and look forward to a long term collaboration!

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