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The Power of Social Entrepreneurship (17:35)

PR Ganapathy at TEDxGolfLinksPark.

PR Ganapathy is the Chief Operating Officer of Villgro, an organization in India with the mission of enabling innovations to impact the poor through social enterprise, meaning that Villgro facilitates the application of new innovations to benefit the lives of the poor through social entrepreneurship.

This TED talk is about how social entrepreneurship can effectively help millions, if not billions of people accross the world by utilizing innovation to provide new technologies to solve problems. He emphasizes the use of for-profit companies with impact, which you will learn about in the video! He also emphasizes the importance of recognizing social entrepreneurship and risk taking, as well as creating a culture of innovation and improvement. "It is possible to find for profit companies, that can create sustainable solutions to some of societies most difficult problems."

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